Using pip

With the wheel available on PyPi it is as easy as

pip install bta-lib

Things to take into account

  1. The minimum supported version is Python 3.6

    Dictionaries are expected to be ordered and although this is only an implementation detail in CPython 3.6 it is considered good enough, given the ubiquitous presence of CPython

    If another implementation is used, it must then be compatible with the Python 3.7 language specification.

  2. pandas is a dependency

    This means that when running pip install bta-lib, there will be an attempt to install pandas (and all associated dependencies) along the way.

    Especially under Windows and when using the standard CPython distribution, this can be a long, tedious and painful process, given the lack of a standard OS compiler.

    Use anaconda or WinPython (see below)

Install a distribution

In order to minimize headaches use any of the Python distributions which already feature mostly every ever needed package.

The recommendations


No, bta-lib is not (yet) part of any of those distributions, and it has therefore to still be installed using pip


bta-lib was tested under WinyPython